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How do oval chain rings compare with Cranktip pedals?

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Some riders mistakably try to compare oval chain rings with Cranktip pedals.

The oval chain ring essentially provides a constantly bearing ratio during rotation, this being a ratio trade off system. It essentially provides greater leverage at the earlier and later stages of rotation, the trade off however being less leverage or torque during mid rotation. Whilst an oval chain ring manipulates the forces created by the crank arm, the overall energy provided by the crank system is ultimately limited by the length of the crank arm.

The main fundamental difference provided by Cranktip pedals is that whilst the oval chain ring concept is limited by the length of the crank arm, the Cranktip pedal simply increases the actual overall crank arm length to provide greater torque regardless of the chain ring being oval shaped or round. Also and most importantly, it achieves the greater leverage and resulting torque whilst maintaining the identical pedal crank distance and foot speed that the same crank arm would normally experience when fitted with a traditional pedal. In a nutshell and to simply quantify the difference, the Cranktip pedal provides greater leverage and torque beyond the normal length and leverage of a crank arm to which it’s fitted, whilst an oval chain ring concept provides varying amounts of torque within the length and leverage of a crank arm.